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Perfect Sunny day in Los Angeles to throw on this classic and hella rare Sun Ra Saturn 45” with the mystery man Yochannan “The Sun Man Speaks” #spacebase #sunra #elsaturnrecords #saturnrecords
@#esowonbooks #ramessess
Score! #sunra #elsaturnrecords #spacebase
Back On The Planet! Get yours now!

Back On The Planet!  Wake Up! Wake Up! Wake Up! Wake Up! #spacebase

jtiger78 asked: What is your favorite Madlib project, Favorite Kan Kick Project, and what what do you think of Nujabes as a producer. Thx

Madlib everything but especially YNQ
Kankick everything ….and i never really got into nujabes

jtiger78 asked: Do you sometimes want to release some of your "Best" unreleased material or as an artist is it certain projects that, even though they are super dope or even better than some things you have released, its just for you and insiders? I just noticed alot of artist play some dope ass beats in their sets and say "you will never hear this again" lol. On the outside looking in I be like RELEASE THAT SHIT!!!!

Well that aint _G i like getting it out… though there is a few in my S)pace P)rogram that i play in my live set that i cant find sooooo

m-moro asked: Sometimes it happens to me that I make a beat or a song, and after mixing it and finishing it I have listened to it so many times, or maybe some months have passed and I don't feel the same about it as when I compose it, maybe I don't like it anymore or it looses it's magic and secrets like with anysong I hear lots of times. Does it happend to you too? How do you deal with it?

Music is a feeling to _G so if i recorded anything i felt it in some kinda way my feelings never change regarding music

z1127 asked: Pathless Path is the shit. Where do I start with Cecil McBee? !!

Seems as if you already started now your search will be endless he is on hella releases

talesofthestarshipregeneration asked: Sorry about that. I am writing a web series about black people leaving earth to build a new planet and I noticed that you mentioned on the Afronauts POC Creators thread that you maybe did soundtracks? May I ask what kind of music you create?

Great Black Music

Back On The Planet! i rise as the Sun/Son that I AM resurrected DAILY as a reminder of HERU’s victory over the foolish Set( Sun-SET) my demonstration is Maa kheru(true of voice)  #knowbettershowbetter
#Np at SpaceBase.                   Sun Ra Live in NY bootleg Lp, orange vinyl                                     #14-
 Of 25 pressed #sunra #spacebase #afrikanspaceprogram
Chanelling Sunny….photo by mi bredren @raskiva #adiosbabylon